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▣ The United States Colored Troops need more men

posted by Joseph Certaine on December 1st, 2009 at 11:34 AM

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Recently, I've noticed that aside from a few cadets being recruited, the USCT does not have the field presence it had just a couple of seasons ago. It may be because of the recession or it could be the seeming lack of interest, by our community, of a historical period that was dominated by the enslavement of our people. 

There doesn't seem to be any sense that the 150th Anniversary of the Civil War is an important observance. I think it may be because of a real lack of knowledge and a genuine reluctance to relive the past.  Nevertheless, we were the major reason for the secession of the southern states and it is time we demonstrated how we obtained our freedom. The reality, of thousands of formerly enslaved men getting an opportunity to fight for the freedom of their families and relatives, wasa significant turning point in the history of America.

The opportunity to fight the slavemasters and ensure our dignity as equals was not lost upon our ancestors, nor should the impact of our march toward Jubilee be lost on us now. The upcoming Sesquicentennial Observance of the American Civil War is a real opportunity to reenforce the history of the coming of Jubilee and what it has meant to us in the present.

One way to emphasize the importance of self-determination is to commemorate the fight for freedom in uniform. The United States Colored Troops will mark a milestone in 2013 and we must have uniformed men to mark the occasion. It is important that we remind our countrymen what it took for enslaved people to become free. The USCT that march now, do so to honor our ancestors and ensure their place in American history. If we don't do it their sacrifices wil be once again relegated to the shadows of hstory. 

So, we should all redouble our efforts to inform, recruit, educate, train, equip and field the USCT units that will carry the legacy forward. Contact us on this website or at a meeting of your local USCT unit. The United States Colored Troops can use good men.   .   


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