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posted by Joseph Certaine on December 22nd, 2009 at 11:50 AM

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The men who made up the United States Colored Troops of the Union Army, were ordinary people. Some were free men form the northern cities, towns and farms. Most were men who had been the South. We already know the facts about the degradation of enslavement. What most don't know, is what these men did to ensure freedom for their people.

During the next few years, there will be a national observance commemorating the American Civil War. In order to tell the story of our fight against the enslavement of black people in America, we need to recruit men of color for the United States Colored Troops. These are the men who left everything familiar to them and set out to bring the Jubilee.

Between now and 2013 we must recruit men who can help to bring the story of the fight for Jubilee to the public. It requires an interest in history and a commitment to reenact our early freedom struggle for the twenty-first century public.  We'll engage in parades, battle scenarios, living history presentations and all the other things that reenactors do. The most important part of what we'll do is inform and educate people about what it took to become free men and women in America.

As we recruit men for the modern day USCT we'll commemorate and honor the legacy passed to us by our ancestors. It is important that we not let our history be defined by others. We must tell our own story and show our children what it took to come this far in our continuing fight  for equality.  We'll put on the uniform of the Union Army of the Civil War and pay tribute to the men who led us to the Jubilee.

Although the Civil War Sesquicentennial is a four year event 2011-2015. Our part of the commemoration while wearing the uniform of the Union will  begin in 2013 .  Recruitment and training must begin now, so that we'll be ready to present ourselves at the appropriate time.   


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