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▣ USCT Recognition Campaign is gathering Steam

posted by Joseph Certaine on January 25th, 2010 at 3:56 PM

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Since the Thanksgiving Holiday, I've been contacted by staff members of three different members of Congress. Although the discussions are preliminary,  there is considerable interest on the part of members of the Congressional Black Caucus. I believe; this is due to the revelation that  as several states of the old Confederacy begin to form Sesquicentennial Commissions or Advisory Boards,  they are omitting the presence of even the most scholarly black Americans from their ranks.

I have stated in the past , that the only way recognition will come to the United States Colored Troops of the American Civil War, i, s through agressive advocacy by the USCT descendant, living history and re-enactor community. The problem with that ,seems to be that those communities seem to be more involved in focusing attention upon themselves as individuals, than they are in recruiting more members in uniform and fielding more units.

They are more involved in lecturing and impressing each other each other  than  in speaking with one voice to the power brokers in their respective states.  The USCT was created by the Federal government and that is where we must wage the fight for recognition. Recently the African American Civil War Memorial Freedom Foundation annonced the availability of The Book of Names, a three volume compilation of the names of USCT members found on the Wall of Honor at the African American Civil War Memorial in Washington D.C. This is a powerful tool that can be used to help with the campaign to bring recognition to these courageous men. Every existing USCT designation should have a copy.

Rather than responding to every charlatan who raises the specter of some non-existent black Confederate, ther eshould be a deluge of letters phone calls and e-mails to to the Congressional Black Caucus and other members asking for meetings with their Congressional representatives to drive home the need for a Federal initiative to honor the men of the USCT.. That is what the Sesquicentennial Observance should mean Honor and Recognition for the black men who fought to abolish slavery and save the Union .

In lieu of the armchair intellectuals among us standing up, we will continue to wage our own campaign on behalf of our ancestors. Since someone must have the intestinal fortitude to step out aggressively we will continue. In the near future a series of meetings will be scheduled in Washington with members of Congress in order to press this issue. The United States Colored Troops of the American Civil War must be recognized with the award of a Congressional Gold Medal and a formal ceremony during the period of the Sesquicentennial Observance of the  Civil War.The cermony should be held on or about the 150th Anniversary of the formation of the Bureau of Colored Troop , May 22, 2013



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