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posted by Joseph Certaine on May 19th, 2010 at 12:34 PM

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At the moment I am awaiting confirmation about a meeting I am organizing for early June. The response (and the outrage) has come from friends who would like to help find a fitting resolution to the obvious desecration of an established burial site for approximately 123 black soldiers and seamen of the American Civil War.

Not one of the USCT organizations that I have contacted, have responded to my messages or to the story in the Philadelphia Inquirer. Later this week I will attend a meeting in Washington D.C. where I intend to raise this issue. Hopefully, I will receive some recommendations about what kind of support I can expect to garner. i will share that with the participants at the June meeting.  

I expect that many people are so engaged in their own day to day survival (in this economy) that they can't begin to think about what can be done about the abandoned remains of a black cemetery that was turned into a recreation area by the city of Camden New Jersey. I guess it depends upon your perspective. I have two ancestors whos served in the United States Colored Troops of the Civil War. i don't know where they are buried but wherever thy may be , i hope that their gravesites are mainatained and they are honored.

If we are committed to honoring the soldiers of the USCT and the Seamen who led the way to Jubilee, then we must accept the responsibility for helping to maintain their resting places. Ther are our honored dead. They weren't killed on the battlefield. They lived to begin the much harder struggle for dignity, equality and justice as a free people. As such, we must recognize and honor their commitment before we can expect anyone else to do the same. Even if we are the only ones carrying the their banner, we must do so until relieved. It is just as they did for us. 

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