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posted by Joseph Certaine on October 15th, 2010 at 12:38 PM

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For as long as I can remember,  there has never seemed to be a shortage of  Civil War reenactors wearing the uniforms of the USA or the CSA. The difference during this commemoration cycle is the emergence of the United States Colored Troops of the Union and its role in securing victory for the North during the Civil War. 

It is time now for the USCT to sharpen its drill and battle tactics in order to present itself on the field of battle. Of course,  there will be ample opportunity for dress parades and living history but the first priority of the USCT reenactor is to present himself on the battlefield.  In order to do so effectively, we'll need to recruit the white  commissionerd officers and the black enlisted men who will present the period authentic,  historically accurate military engagements that ultimately contributed to the freedoms we now enjoy. It will be our first opportunity in history to do so and it must be done right.

One of the opportunities that will be presented is the scheduled reenactment set to take place in August of 2011 in Historic Fairmount Park in Philadelphia PA.  During the week of August 15, 2011 prior to the reenactment (August 19th 20th and 21st),  the USCC will conduct training for cavalrymen as well as community show and tell events around the City of Philadelphia.   School of the Soldier, Troop and Gun for Infantry, Cavalry and Artillery participants will be scheduled, prior to each day's event, in order to ensure  proper presentation in the field.    

Until now, the historians, authors and other academic talking heads have had to struggle in order to focus attention on the Civil War. Now the reenactors will bring that important period of American history to life at locations around the country.  In many areas of the country it will be difficult to showacse important battle scenarios where the public will not have to travel to see them. Not so in Philadelphia.  Fairmount Park is located in the middle of a population of 1.5 million people in an area that closes out the urban landscape and transports  participants back to a period that ransformed the United States.

The United States Colored Troops will have the opportunity to demonstrate why it was an important military formation and how it impacted the outcome of the American Civil War.  Now instead of symposia, parades and first person interpretation,  the USCT will be presented in battle formation.  HUZZAH

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