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posted by Joseph Certaine on March 26th, 2011 at 7:25 PM

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The Sesquicentennial Observance of the American Civil War will begin on April 12, 2011. Many states, economic development and tourism groups; tax-exempt historical societies and organizations; and heritage groups are observing the 150th anniversary. Some are focusing on the Civil War as if selecting from a selection of topics like that war’s impact on Women, the Press, Religion or the evolution of the Federal Cavalry, the analysis of military operations, Industrialization or a host of other important points. What is fully apparent is that there’s no real intention to make this observance period fully inclusive.

Whatever the reason given, there is no expectation that there will be a serious effort to include the full story of the role of the United States Colored Troops in that historic conflict. Unless those of us who are fully committed to the USCT do it, it is not going to happen. There are enough of us to get some important things done for the United States Colored Troops if we use our collective influence to support a coordinated action plan. There are many who want to help but they would like a set of national goals, a timetable and an outline of action steps. We have a great opportunity to make a contribution toward getting engaged in that process.
It seems that there should be a better way to have input than to have to wait for notification of a meeting that for many would be either too expensive or too distant to attend. We should be able to develop some points we would like discussed and endorsed by the organizations that represent the interests of the USCT. The document can be developed and circulated on-line, so that written input can be easily made and attribution given. Even if there is just general consensus on 1) National goals for the 150th Anniversary Observance of the USCT 2013-2015; 2) A timetable for achievement of goals and; 3) An outline of national actions steps that we’ll all support, we can enjoy the benefit of acting in unison on an important opportunity  
The same document can be circulated to the African-American Civil War Memorial Freedom Foundation; the United States Colored Troops Living History Association; and the United States Colored Troops Institute along with any other nationally credible organization dedicated to representing the USCT nationally. If you think this is an idea that makes sense, lets discuss it more at


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