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▣ USCT National Organization to meet in Clarksville TN

posted by Joseph Certaine on October 5th, 2012 at 3:14 PM

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The USCT Living History Association will need to outline an exciting schedule of field activity in addition to its schollarly presentations, if it is to maintain the interest and support of the rank & file uniformed reenactors and living historians. The association lost its way when it became the catch -all organization for everybody of color associated with Civil War history. The researchers, historians, would-be authors and assorted history groupies took over the group just as it was starting to present itself as a valuable addition to the ranks of uniformed Civil War reenactors. 

Maybe the long-delayed national meeting in Clarksville will determine the furure of the aging but historically correct units that have been active during the last twenty years, as viable battlefield-ready, historically accurate and period authentic, Civil War military, reenactors. there needs to be a discernable chain of command, as well as a clear distinction among the military branches and the civilian and contraband division, for starters.  Period authenticity should be an accepted norm as well as being enforceable in practice. there should be regurlarly scheduled training opportunities for newly-uniformed recruits as well as long-time veterans.

Civilian interpretors should be a completely separate division within the organization, so that the military can set the general schedule for field events that can be built around the actual combat history of the USCT branches, including Infantry, Cavalry and Artillery.  The academics and historians who become members of the Association should be tasked with research options that can support specific field events with an eye upon making the event more historically accurate. That way, they can contribute to the overall positive historical impact of the Association as it presents itself to the public.

If the United States Colored Troops Living History Association can manage to exit Clarksville with these important accomplishments, we as experienced veteran reenactors and living historians will have an organization that will demand our full support,respect and membership. i for one will be proud to join and support  such an organization and I'll encourage every interested existing and potential reenactor I know to do the same.   .    


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