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▣ 2013 is the 150th Anniversary of the United States Colored Troops

posted by Joseph Certaine on February 9th, 2013 at 3:54 PM

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These black soldiers of the Jubilee, fought with the Union Army during the American Civil War. they wer made up of free black men and formerly enslaved black men, marched to enforce the Emancipation Proclamation and free the Black Nation. They numbered 140 regiments of fighting men comprized of Infantry, Artillery and Cavalry, as well as Pioneer battalions, Scouts, Teamsters, Spys and other support units. They fought in over 449 engagements and helped the Union Army gain victory over their former slave masters.

I am a proud descendant of Robert Certain of the 1st South Carolina Colored Troops, later becoming the 33rd United States Colored Infantry, one of the first regiments to engage the oppressor and help free my people. Another relative, Jordan Certain served with the 35th United States Colored Infantry (of North Carolina). 

I am proud to carry the legacy of my ancestors into 2013.  i have tried mightily to seve my community with the diligence, pride and dignity that our family heritage warrants.  Dring this Black History Month. i present the history of the United States Colored Troops  to as many people, at as many venues as possible.  It is my small way of saying thank you to all of the black freedom fighters, who made it possible for me to live free and proud in the United States of America, today.  Huzzah.    

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