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▣ Pennsylvania's eleven USCT regiments

posted by Joseph Certaine on November 17th, 2009 at 12:57 PM

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Pennsylvania has made a significant commitment and it may be the first made by any state involved in planning for the Sesquicentennial Observanceof the American Civil War. The commitment not only includes highlighting the roles of black Pennsylvanians as leaders in the Anti-Slavery and Abolitionist Movement, but the importance of Camp William Penn and the eleven regiments that were recruited and trained at that Civil War facility.

Until now the public has been unaware of the role played by the black soldiers of the Jubilee during the American Civil War. Although the motion picture Glory captured attention when it played in movie theaters, there was no accompanying realization that the movie was about one regiment out of 170 black Infantry, Artillery and Cavalry regiments that fought during the war.

The Commonwealth is determined to lead the way in recognizing the important role played by the United States Colored Troops in the abolition of slavery as an instution and the defense of the Union of the United States of America. Camp William Penn was the central recruitment and training center in the northern states.  Black recruits came fprimarily rom  Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. The camp produced three Medal of Honor recipients.

The role of black Pennsylvanians in opposing slavery was significant. The black Church congregations were very active in helping to provide physical as well as spiritual relief for people escaping from their enslavement, as well as in the recruitment of the black soldiers of the Jubilee, the United States Colored Troops .

Pennsylvania will utilize an array of Afican American as well as other Civil War historians and scholars to ensure historical accuracy in the content and programming of its Civil War Sesquicentennial planning.  Hopefully, this will serve as a clarion call to other states planning their Civil War Sesquicentennial activities .  HUZZAH, HUZZAH, HUZZAH Pennsylvania


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